Glens, Lochs, and Left Lanes

As Dave and I were getting ready for breakfast this morning at the Rowan Tree Guesthouse, I noticed the lovely rose garden they have outside our bathroom window. Very pretty and an unexpected surprise in this setting. We enjoying a filling breakfast, then had a rather LARGE errand to run.

Today was the first day Dave drove in Scotland in over 30 years. It didn’t start off well last evening when we got about a block and a half from the hotel and the GPS/SatNav that he bought a month ago literally croaked on us. Thankfully, Dave knew of a nearby store that could help. So, we drove over there this morning and they were stumped at what happened and were clearly amazed and amused by the sound emanating from the wee black box. They even gave us 25 pounds off the listed price on a replacement model. Nice, nice lady & gentleman there.

So, with another brand new GPS in hand, we headed west. It was going to be a pretty straightforward root, but we were not expecting the beautiful views, winding roads, and quaint villages we drove through. This was a good test on Dave getting comfortable driving on the other side of the car and the road. He did great though.

We made a very brief stop at Huntingtower Castle. It was basically just a look-see and not something we intended to enter. It was lovely though. We fell in love with the village of Crieff with is beautiful homes and commanding views.

A quick stop at Loch Earn to take a few shots resulted in some really nice photos of it’s tranquill waters.

The weather was just about perfect, if not too hot again. We were expecting rain and never saw a drop of it.

Then we had lunch at Mhor 84. Dave and I had stopped here before five years ago, and meals did NOT disappoint. Fantastic lunch! I had the Scotch Rarebit and Dave had Mac & cheese. He said it was the best he’s ever had.

I saw our next stop mentioned by a Twitter follower from the UK. We read about it and decided to find it and check it out, it’s Falls of Falloch. Found at a non-descrip sign and a short walk in the woods. What a delightful spot! Loved the sound of the water.

As the mid-day sun started to become intermingled with clouds, we entered the most exciting part of the trip for us…Rannoch Moor and Glencoe. Although the drive across the A 85 was brilliant in it’s own, the anticipation of not only seeing Glencoe, but arriving before any rain wear is needed, was high!

Stunning vistas, rolling hills, majestic mountains and the deepest valley’s you’ll find. Glen (or valley) Etive and GlenCoe provided us with today’s best scenery for sure.

We found a quiet spot away from the buses and people and just sat and enjoyed this priceless view.

Although Dave and I did NOT want to leave, we needed to get to our next overnight accommodation in Ballachulish on Loch Leven. The Tom Eachainn Guesthouse has lovely views over Loch Leven in a quite neighborhood. The owner Sue, greeted us at the door and gave us a recommendation for dinner, which we took.

The Holly Tree Hotel is 4 miles away on Loch Linnhe. The views from the restaurant were beautiful and they served Belhaven ale! The bartender was shocked that I was one having the full pint and Dave had the half pint. Dinner was great. I had scallops & Dave had lamb.

We saw two fabulous cars in the restaurant car park and contemplated which one we thought was the “hotter” set of wheels. I thought the green, soft-top British Kallistro Panther was hot and Dave chose the White Mercedes behind it.

Afterwards we took a stroll along the Loch edge and saw a seal in the water. Then on the drive home, we saw a rainbow. I think we may have had a few angels with us today.


One thought on “Glens, Lochs, and Left Lanes

  1. I just Love the titles to your entries ❤ The Rowan Tree Guesthouse was neat. I loved the picture that showcased the beautiful rosegarden from the bathroom window. In my head, I instantly starting singing:
    " I beg your pardon I never promised you a rose garden, Along with the sunshine there's gotta be a little rain sometime, When you take you gotta give so live and let live and let go, oh oh oh oh,I beg your pardon I never promised you a rose garden " …… Ahhhhhh, I can't imagine the driving, 30 years ago, Uncle Dave, So cool that you had done that before. Oh, No, and then your GPS pooping out. Glad to know that the nice couple helped you out with even a -25 pound off, discount for a new one. And then you were off. It takes real travelers to drive the roads in another country. How wonderful that you unexpectedly came across the views of the villages, I bet they were beautiful to see. To be your own tour guide is quite impressive. In the video, it was neat to see the road signs and how different but crazy to see Uncle Dave driving on the other side, was just wild. And, it was nice to hear the sound of your beautiful narrating voice ❤ How gorgeous was the Loch Earn ❤ Loved the shot with the rocks in the water. Then the pic of the two of you, what a background. I am also glad that you were right in your video and theweathermans's forcast was indeed incorrect and you did not see a drop of rain, that I know you were hoping for. Great that you were able to stop back to a place that you have been. the Mhor 84 ( shout out to the year I was born ) I was giving 2 thumbs up to Uncle Dave's selection of Mac and cheese because that's a top choice of mine on any menu! Then, you posted the pic of your Scottish Rarebit, then as I was instant messages you, you informed me Nana used to make you a version of it. Yum ❤ Pretty cool that you got to stop to the Falls of Falloch, and neat that a twitter follower pointed it out. As I looked at your pictures, I could then see why the Rannoch Moor & Glencoe was one of the most exciting views of the trip. Fun fact about a valley aka a Glen! I thought that my favorite picture of Uncle Dave was the one with the stacked stones but then he had to go and sit next to that breathtaking GlenCoe. Wow, great, great, photo. And then of course, Duncan's pics were pretty on time, too. The simplicity of your room at the Tom Eachainn Guest house ( used your link to see more ) and watched their slideshow which showcased a beautiful sunset pic over the water. Ah, the shape of those Glens ❤ Then, the restaurant; The Holly Tree ( also used the link to see more ) What a view with a spectacular setting. The fire place in the middle was neat. Then, while you were visiting, it may have been the most perfect car to be parked outside, the Kallistro Panther. Never have I ever seen the like's of one of them before. That green, though. It was like taking a swatch from the Glen, Wow. The Mercedes behind it was purdy sweet, but my first choice would so be the Panther. It makes my ❤ smile that you saw a rainbow. I am quite sure you had some traveling angels with you this day and always but especially this day. The greater your storm the brighter your rainbow ❤ What a perfect ending picture of the evening sunset at the harbor. Does this mean that it was around 10PM? Too Purdy 🙂


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