2 thoughts on “Day 5 Photos

  1. ,<3 Happy Birthday to Nana ❤ The 16th century Huntingtower castle sign with Uncle Dave in the background was a great shot 😉 The beautiful poppy flower being the symbol of rememberance served well on your Mother's Birthday ❤ I loved the pic with the stone lined driveway. Your rental car was sleek and looked fun to drive. As you explored St. Fillans I was just in awe of the breathtaking scenery you encountered. I loved every picture taken with the both of you but I think my favorite was the one in front of the waterfall. I also really liked the one with the white cobblestone stone house in the background. The iconic phone booth shot is super neat. The Isles of Glencoe Bed and Breakfast. That restaurant and the meal you had looked suburb. And that view though, I really could have sat there for many hours and ordered one of everything off of their menu. The size of the mountains in the pictures were massive and impressive but to be there in person to see and feel their greatness must have been so invigorating. Then, I just love the pics of Duncan. The pic of Uncle Dave with his sneaks in the left corner of the shot was great. Love feet in scenry pics 😉 My absolute FAVORITE picture of Uncle Dave is the one with him on the grass with the stacked stones. This picture really should be his profile pic, it is really just fantastic. "Stones are one of the most important aspects of a Zen garden and have several meanings, such as harmony and soul. Each rock shape and formation has a different name and is represented by one of the five elements " ❤


    • I agree with observations of photos I took of Dave on this trip. I got some real “keep-ahs” and love many of them. I had to yell at him to smile or make him stand a certain way, but it worked. I have so many to choose from now.

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