Day 6 Photos – Scotland

Our weather luck finally ran out today as heavy rain showers and even a few thunderstorms interrupted some plans mid-afternoon. But overall, our last full day in Scotland was wonderful. Off to Northern Ireland tomorrow.



One thought on “Day 6 Photos – Scotland

  1. These set of pictures are just awesome! The Castle Stalker in the background with and without Uncle Dave are just so good. Then, at the Inveraray Castle, How appropriate was your jelly top ” Savour the moment ” And that enterance was so pretty with all of the hanging baskets. The rooms inside were so quintessential. When I saw the pic of the ships that hold the gravy, it made me think of you and your ship collection you had. Then when I saw the armory room, it made me think of you and the swords you had, then when I saw the room with the China, it reminded me of your tea pot collection. This place is so you and I am so glad that you got to see it in person ❤ All of the touches that they have preserved where just too neat. That table setting, wow. Then I saw the broucher for the Downtown Abbey show and it made me think if the ornament that I got you from that show the one Christmas is this castle? I looked it up briefly and it said that this was the site for the 2012 Chrismas episode and it made me wonder 🙂 I loved the kitchen. They way that they had it set as if it were still in use today, just cool, so cool. That Spice chest was so cool!!!! I would love to even have a smaller version of that! The mop and bucket pic near the window with the sun beaming down onto it was like going back into time. Then, there was something just so serene about the gardens that have bloomed for years outside of the castle. Those yellow tiger like flowers were so beautiful and the shots you took of them showcased their stunning apperance. How spooky was the old millstone that is said to be cursed. Wow, great pictures and what a neat place!!!!


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