Day 7 Photos – Scotland/Ireland

We flew out of Scotland into Northern Ireland.


One thought on “Day 7 Photos – Scotland/Ireland

  1. OMG!!!!! This day looked awesome, holy moses, or should I say Fergus, Holy Fergus! The hotel you stayed at was so pretty, modern and chic. I loved the room, the artwork, the decor, the bottle opener with the cheers on it, the lighted bed! Then the castle was just about amazing. I love the pics of Uncle Dave with the guard, lol. I can hear him talking to him. Great photo. The meal you had just looked splendid. Really pretty food pics! Ahhhh, the king and queen photo at the table was just too good, too good. I loved the top you’re wearing there, by the way! Red shoes were spot on. Then at the end, the most beautiful castle and flower picture I have ever seen.
    It looks like much fun was had here.
    Love and Peace,


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