2 thoughts on “Day 10 Photos

  1. The homes nestled along the green cliffs look so inviting! On a completely different note… Watched the movie Camelot last week. Seeing all your pics of castles made me wonder why it was filmed in Spain when there are all these castles in the homeland of King Arthur? Also thinking about the massive amount of labor that went into building them…without any help from modern day machinery! Mind boggling.


  2. Your last day on the coast sure looked like it was well spent! What a lovely tea and Jam spread your B&B had for you. I loved the Duncan pic. What beautiful views of the Dunluce Castle. How neat, a Wee little cottage. Duncan had a pocket ride, too cute. Loved his picture in front of the castle, that may be my favorite of him, Wow. The Illustration of how it looked back then was super neat to see with the steps and fireplaces still remaining. Great, great, photos of this place. It really is remarkable how long this has been standing and still is. The old oven pics were neat with flowers growing out of it’s side. Some of the remaining pillars, just the look of what once used to be. I loved the pic of Duncan at the White Rock Beach, he looked like he belonged there, like it may have been his birth place, lol. Just when I think I have a favorite of him…. What stunning photos you got of the beach. I loved the one with you both together, the water was such a pretty color. Amazing views, just WOW ‚̧


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