We started the day eating danishes in Dublin, and ended the day waiting for a delayed bus in Portland, Maine to take us the rest of the way home.

After a thoroughly enjoyable cab ride to the Dublin airport, we were whisked through not one, but two security checks. The 2nd being a USA pre-clearance check. We passed.

The wind was whipping in Dublin today and it was a little scary watching planes land and wobbling around, but our flight took off without a hitch.

I watched a movie and played games to help pass the time. I THINK I also slept a little bit. The meals again were terrific. Very tasty. We even got afternoon tea with a lovely chicken and cheese wrap and a brownie. And TEA this time.

We ended up taking an earlier bus from Logan Airport and it was a good thing we did. Our 2nd bus was very delayed due to afternoon traffic. To Dave and I, our bodies are telling us it’s almost mid-night but it’s almost 7 p.m. here in Maine. We’re ready to hit our own bed.

I’ll be posting videos and reviews of places we stayed and other pertinent travel stuff in the next couple of days if anyone is interested.


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Oh, I’m very glad you’re home safe and sound, and by the blogs, sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love all the pictures on the blogs, and if you do videos, I’d love to view them as well.  Get some rest Weary Ones! love ya! On Thu, 14 Jun 2018 22:54:52 +0000


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