Guinness Mother-load

The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin has the mother-load of gift shops for Guinness “stuff”. And yes, yes we did partake.

Final Call

I wish I could have bottled up the complete and utter Irishness of the taxi cab driver this morning from the hotel to airport. Could have listened to him all day. Just lovely. I’d like that voice and lilt to be the voice of my GPS. Would be so much fun. We’re at the airport, ready to do. I miss my own beds and pillows, clean clothes, and especially our kitty cats. Sounds like it has been very warm back home.

Buses, People, and Pints! Oh, my!

Dave and I left Belfast early this morning by train to Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland. For those of you who don’t understand what that means, it means the island of Ireland is actually two countries: Northern Ireland, which is actually a part of the United Kingdom (UK) and the Republic of Ireland, which is independently ruled with it’s government. We’ve spent the last week and a half in Northern Ireland, which include Belfast and today we crossed the border into the Republic or Ireland which includes Dublin. Got it? If not…Google it! đŸ™‚

Now that we’re clear on that, Dave’s I has enjoyed train travel in Europe so much before, we had booked first class tickets for this short, two- hours ride to Dublin. We also got an awesome breakfast on the train I was able to catch up on my blog from the previous day. Duncan also came out for a visit.

Still an overcast kind of day, but it wasn’t raining when arrived in Dublin and the taxi driver found out hotel for the night at the Albany House. We were able to check in early to freshen up then we took the hop-on-hop-off bus around the city, which’s has kind of become our “thing to do” in each big city we’ve entered to get a lay of the land and layout of the city.

Our first observations are that Dublin truly exemplifies the words “bustling city”and then some. THIS is a thriving, alive city with many shops and restaurants and a LOT of energetic, young people. There are also a LOT of bicycle.

After going through every stop, we finally got of the bus at the Guinness Storehouse. You’re greeted insides the doors with the 9,000 year lease Arthur Guinness signed. There was a wax seal by his signature. The lease is inside sunken area of the floor covered in glass.

THEN there are 7 floors of wonderfulness explaining everything about Guinness from the temperature the barley is roasted at, to the advertising designs they have used over the years.

It’s all a self-guided tour and there were a LOT of people there so getting around from floor to floor proved a hassle at times. We did a great beef sandwich at one of their restaurants and then a free pint on the top floor at the Gravity a Bar overlooking the city. I loved it, but we were both tuckered out. Old and out of shape!!

Overall we loved Dublin even though we did’t get to experience much of it. I’d visit again for sure.

Guinness is good!

It’s the last day of our vacation as we fly out tomorrow (Thursday)

Dublin for A Day

Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland, wasn’t on our original itinerary, but due to flight times and dates, we’re ending up spending a day there before flying out the next day.

As a Guinness lover, I am VERY excited about this! We’ll tour Dublin and stop in at the Guinness Storehouse for a tour and dinner and hopefully enjoy a pint…or two. One HAS to believe enjoying a Guinness at Guinness and IN Ireland would taste better.